How to Work With Tables

Working with Tables in PhoenixLIS

The PhoenisLIS uses tables across many areas of the platform. This section should answer any questions you have about working with tables. If not, we welcome you to contact our support department.


Gif example of adjusting tables in the PhoenixLIS system.

Adjusting Columns

Click and Drag column headers to adjust their order.

Click on the three bar icon to the right of any columns header.
The first tab has settings to pin columns and adjust their width.
Select the third tab to view a checklist of all column options available.

Gif example of sorting and filtering columns.

Filtering Columns

You can filter any column visible in the table to include or exclude a string of text that is either contained in that column, or an exact match.

You can add filters to multiple columns to adjust the data you are viewing as desired.

Sorting Columns

Click on the column title to sort by any column. Click on the title again to reverse the sort order.

Gif example of exporting information from tables in the PhoenixLIS system.

Exporting Data

Right click anywhere on the table once you have your columns selected, filtered, and sorted you can export the data to an Excel file or CSV.

The file will automatically download once you select the type.

Gif example of exporting information from tables in the PhoenixLIS system.

Copy and Pasting

Highlight cells and use CTRL + C to copy the content, and CTRL + P to paste content into those cells.

You can copy and paste data between a PhoenixLIS table and an Excel file or CSV easily using these keyboard shortcuts.