Release Notes

PhoenixLIS 1.0 Release Notes

  • Version 1.8 August 20, 2020

    Release Updates

    • Duplicate location names are now allowed within an account
    • Added workflow for releasing orders without an endogenous control result via a text confirmation prompt
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  • Version 1.7.2 March 4, 2020

    Release Updates

    • Changes to the Patient Billing Form
      • Reduced payment options and provided an “other” category
      • Insurance listing is now a drop-down searchable field
      • Created a database per lab to store Insurance Company information
        • Insurance record ID stored in Patient insurance record
        • Existing Patient records still show Insurance Company name
        • Medicare is listed as an Insurance Company, ID number stored in place of policy number.
        • Multiple names for a single Insurance Company can be added through the “also know as” table
        • Can specify an “attention to” recipient per Insurance Company
      • Clarified error text when an Analyzer is not found during CSV import
      • Added ability to export Orders in HL7 format, defined by date-range
      • An HL7 file now auto-uploads to the lab server on Order release
      • Implemented ability to add additional tests after order resulted or released
        • Removed tests mark results as inactive
          • If order has already been released and read, it will be marked as unread in the portal
        • New tests require the order to be rerun
        • Saving an edited order prompts the user to add a reason for the change in a note logged with the order
        • Re-released orders are marked as such in the Portal and the report denotes which tests were added to the order and includes the reason note logged when the order was edited

    Hot Fixes

    • HL7 DFT zip report queries by date instead of time and only shows released orders
    • Added ability to opt in/out of HL7 at the account level
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  • Version 1.7.1 February 12, 2020

    Release Updates

    • Upper Limit and Lower Limit for QC controls can no longer be blank or null
    • Alt IDs are now required to be unique, can be searched, and are displayed in the Order List
    • The system will now warn you if the Order Form’s collection date is set to a future date
    • Fixed an issue with Levy Jennings reports giving a 503 error and misnaming of analytes on print
    • Added ability for lab staff to mark orders “Received” even if the portal user did not click the “Send to Lab” button on their end after sending the order
    • Added a form to request support which auto-fills the lab name and user info
    • Duplicating LCMS and PCR imports now able to be selected via the alt-id
    • Added ability to print multiple orders on the Lab side
    • Hid the account settings button where it should not be visible
    • Submitted orders are now shown alongside the In Transit orders under the Received Samples view
    • Created a “Find My Lab” form that will send a list of associated labs to the email provided
    • Added ability to upload PDFs to Orders under the View All Orders view

    Hot Fixes

    • QC chart upper and lower ranges now use the calculated value of the defined limit and the the min/max calculated limits
    • Added patient name to the bottom of each Results Report page
    • Fixed issue with order UIDs not truncating to 10 character before querying the database
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PhoenixLIS 2.0 Release Notes

  • Version 2.3 December 22, 2020

    Release Notes:

    • Orders now show if they are unread, or have been read
    • Redact Order functionality added
      • Redact any order from the View All Orders table
      • Orders which have been released will be marked Redacted
    • Updates to User Invite functionality
      • Invites can now expire, be revoked, and be resent
      • Now shows when invites were sent, accepted, and user’s last login time
    • Bulk Import functionality added for Patients and Insurance Carriers
    • Doctor’s signatures are now appearing on signed Doctor’s forms
    • Orders which have been released are flagged as such on on the Order Results table
    • Time zones are now included in time fields displayed on orders
    • Added a secondary Requisition Report design with the option to select which your Lab would like to use

    Hot Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with user tokens being created
    • Resolved an error where the requisition form button was not working on the Result Samples page
    • Fixed a bug where HL7 tabs were not showing & clarified the messaging on resending a draft message
    • Resolved an issue with Result Reports  & QC barcode printing
    • Various UI polishes to the Exports feature including clearer messaging and export status
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  • Version 2.2 December 1, 2020

    Release Notes

    • Added the option to enable HL7-DFT export for all orders.
      • Upload on release or through bulk process via FTP
      • Reports can be export and emailed for download
      • HL7 exports, generations, and uploads are logged
    • Clarified UTC on time fields
      • Collection date/time now includes a time zone dropdown
      • Collection time is stored in UTC
    • Added the Insurance/Payor list to manage insurance listings linked with accounts.
      • Insurance listings can be uploaded via excel template
    • Added a flag to the order results table to denote orders that have been released.
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