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PhoenixLIS 2.0 Release Notes

  • Version 2.7.4 May 1, 2023

    General Updates

    • Fixed permissions issue that could prevent viewing of the order log
    • Fixed active toggle on grid view for analyzers
    • Fixed the UI so that the Collected and Received date/time can be the same if editing an order
    • Fixed spacing on the result report header for the comma between the city and state of the location
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  • Version 2.7.3 April 17, 2023

    General Updates:

    • QC Imports will now use the date inside the file
    • Fixed an issue where barcodes would print more than the setting specified
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  • Version 2.7.2 February 27, 2023

    General Updates:

      • Fixed QC Lot Number dropdown box
      • Fixed a bug where Portal users were unable to see documents they were attaching
      • Fixed the lot number breakdown in QC Result Report
      • Added the ability to deactivate insurance
      • Fixed a bug where in certain situations the patient files would default to upload as patient photo
      • Fixed a bug where trying to create a manual results of 0 would cause an error in the UI
      • Fixed an issue where certain browsers would display AM/PM in the minutes field
      • Fixed a bug where selected items would not clear when applying new filters
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  • Version 2.7.1 February 10, 2023

    Integration Page Updates

    • Fixed a bug on the Integration page which prevented the grid from fully loading
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  • Version 2.7 February 3, 2023

    Adherence Report Updates:

    • Added measurement units to the result measurements
    • Added result report notes
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