Version 1.7.2

Release Updates

  • Changes to the Patient Billing Form
    • Reduced payment options and provided an “other” category
    • Insurance listing is now a drop-down searchable field
    • Created a database per lab to store Insurance Company information
      • Insurance record ID stored in Patient insurance record
      • Existing Patient records still show Insurance Company name
      • Medicare is listed as an Insurance Company, ID number stored in place of policy number.
      • Multiple names for a single Insurance Company can be added through the “also know as” table
      • Can specify an “attention to” recipient per Insurance Company
    • Clarified error text when an Analyzer is not found during CSV import
    • Added ability to export Orders in HL7 format, defined by date-range
    • An HL7 file now auto-uploads to the lab server on Order release
    • Implemented ability to add additional tests after order resulted or released
      • Removed tests mark results as inactive
        • If order has already been released and read, it will be marked as unread in the portal
      • New tests require the order to be rerun
      • Saving an edited order prompts the user to add a reason for the change in a note logged with the order
      • Re-released orders are marked as such in the Portal and the report denotes which tests were added to the order and includes the reason note logged when the order was edited

Hot Fixes

  • HL7 DFT zip report queries by date instead of time and only shows released orders
  • Added ability to opt in/out of HL7 at the account level