Version 1.7.1

Release Updates

  • Upper Limit and Lower Limit for QC controls can no longer be blank or null
  • Alt IDs are now required to be unique, can be searched, and are displayed in the Order List
  • The system will now warn you if the Order Form’s collection date is set to a future date
  • Fixed an issue with Levy Jennings reports giving a 503 error and misnaming of analytes on print
  • Added ability for lab staff to mark orders “Received” even if the portal user did not click the “Send to Lab” button on their end after sending the order
  • Added a form to request support which auto-fills the lab name and user info
  • Duplicating LCMS and PCR imports now able to be selected via the alt-id
  • Added ability to print multiple orders on the Lab side
  • Hid the account settings button where it should not be visible
  • Submitted orders are now shown alongside the In Transit orders under the Received Samples view
  • Created a “Find My Lab” form that will send a list of associated labs to the email provided
  • Added ability to upload PDFs to Orders under the View All Orders view

Hot Fixes

  • QC chart upper and lower ranges now use the calculated value of the defined limit and the the min/max calculated limits
  • Added patient name to the bottom of each Results Report page
  • Fixed issue with order UIDs not truncating to 10 character before querying the database