Version 1.5

Release Updates

  • Added a loading animation to medication search
  • Changes to the User Management page
    • Fixed an issue with duplicate account creation
    • Added brand color to buttons
  • Genedose importer now allows for multi-file upload
  • Added formatted notes to PCR Report
  • Added new notes for ABR
  • Fixed issue with LCMS test rows being added incorrectly when requesting an order for a screening analyzer
  • Fixed a visual bug related to LCMS Specimen Re-runs
  • Visual changes to PCR and Screening report templates
    • Header fields boldened
    • Alt ID added to display when present
    • “Reported By” and “Date Released” are now represented only once per panel
    • Increased font size
    • Removed “Units” and “Flags” columns on PCR reports
    • “ND” changed back to “Not Detected” on PCR reports
    • New Notes/Methodology/Limitations Statements for PCR reports
  • Lab Generation Fixes
  • Fixed issue with QC Control analytes allowing duplicates when they are deleted and then re-added
  • Fixed issue with collection date/time not saving when editing an order

Hot Fixes

  • Added ENV support to Debug bar on testing and dev servers
  • Fixed typo on email invite