Version 1.3

Release Updates

  • Added a confirmation text input field when attempting to configure the middleware
  • Added page loading timers & metrics
    • Tracking load times on New Order entries, Portal homepage, Orders Results Lists, QC Dashboard, and the Analytes page
  • Added new PCR Analytes to replace duplicate analytes per analyzer
    • Specified parent-level Report Test names for all Panel Test names
  • Changes to the New Order Placed behavior
    • Name of Collector set to “Unknown” when Account is chosen
    • Collection Site and Requesting Physician fields are automatically filled if only one option is available
  • Updated the lab analytics count for more accurate data
  • Updates made to the general Release Report
    • Header information added/updated/reorganized
    • Simplified “Not Detected” result to “ND” to conserve space
    • ABR Panel notes added for positive test results
  • Fixed an issue with User Management enable/disable buttons not working

Hot Fixes

  • Fixed performance issues on lab pages
  • Added account management tools to include a Users page with the following functionality:
    • Users page
      • Lists all users from all locations and their associated accounts
      • Ability to edit user information from this page