Version 1.1

Release Updates

  • Rebuilt the LCMS Import Tool
  • Added in New QC Reports on the controls page
  • Under Controls, made the lot expiration field a date picking field instead of a date typing field
  • Increased the font size and scale of some of the result reports
  • Moved Analyte Rules/Parameter Building from “Test Panel Management” to “Analyzer Management”.
  • Changed the Auto-Resulting per field to only be available if the analyzer is utilizing the qualitative setting (Ie. Binary Radio Buttons “Positive” and “Not Detected” or some other combination of radio buttons during the resulting process)
  • Added a printable report under Test Panel Management>View All of the parameter configuration and tests in the panel.
  • In PCR Testing, Edited Endogenous Control to always be presented at the bottom of the panel on a result report.
  • Added a “Print Priority” to panels with a priority of 1 being the highest priority. If the first panel is given a priority of 1 and the second panel is given a priority of 2, the first panel will always show up first in the result report no matter which order the two panels were added to the accession number during the ordering process.
  • Removed the ability to change how results were per page on the account level (Note: we will be adding a feature in the near future to replace this, but for now it was causing issues)
  • Fixed a bug related to the “Run By:” field on reports that showed up incorrectly on a few reports
  • Fixed a bug that was partially releasing certain types of orders when the intention was to release the entire accession number’s tests
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a spinner to pop up when clicking in and out of the result entry field during the manual resulting process
  • Removed the Archive Button at the lab for “View All Orders”

Hot Fixes

  • Fixed a memory issue that would cause a crash when too many orders were on the same page
  • Changed the configuration of the logo tool from the lab level to the account level. Now the tool lets you choose per account whether you want their logo or yours to be shown on the result reports.
  • Fixed a bug where some portal users couldn’t resend invitations to new users.
  • Fixed a bug where the QC Dashboard wouldn’t allow decimals to be displayed
  • Added a result report format change where tests with a range of acceptable values (like adulterants) would show the range instead of just a cutoff value. Ex. Reference Range for PH will now display as “4.5-9”.